What are some examples of value proposition?

Continuing our series on how to get your practice to stand out in 2018 on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor, the founder of Dental Profit System, will be sharing with you some examples of value proposition.
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Transcript: Samples of values proposition

Well, hello entredentist, Angus Pryor here, creator of the Dental Profit System, co-author of the Amazon crushing book The Better Business Book, bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday, the weekly show designed to boost the marketing at your dental practice.

Now, today, we’re in a series, and I wanna talk about how to get your dental practice to stand out. I’ll just give you a brief recap. Why’s it important to get your dental practice to stand out? Firstly because, you know, quite frankly in Australia, in the U.S., probably in every developed nation, the level of growth of, in many, many, industries, the corporatisation, I’ve seen it in so many different parts, and dentistry is no different, and for you as an individual, you need to stand out.

Your individual practice needs to stand out, even if you’ve got 5 dentists because the one thing about corporate dentistry is that they do systems very well, they do marketing very well, and if you’re in an environment where your clients think that dentistry is a commodity, then you can’t afford not to stand out. That’s the first thing.

The second thing that we talked about was avatar, which is a fancy marketing way of saying who is your ideal client? And there’s a process that you can go through for that and just go back and check that out and this is really critical as we become clear as I show you what we’re gonna talk about today. Know who your ideal client is, know it’s not everyone. Identify who the best one is because you attract more of your ideal clients and ideally you attract other clients as well.

Last time, we looked at this concept called value proposition, sometimes known as a USP and we talked about the process that we go through and what I wanted to do today is actually read out a couple of examples of a value proposition that we’ve done for clients. So, we’ve got some examples.

Alright, now we’ve done a lot of this in the last six months because it becomes so obvious to me the need to do it, but here’s one. This was a client where their avatar, so we really agreed that it was worth doing, the avatar, in this case, was Mary. It doesn’t matter if your avatar’s name is not unique. We do the sessions together, worked out the value proposition and you can only do that if you really know who your avatar is. So, for this particular Mary, sort of, white-collar background, about 55, maybe worked in an admin position.

So, Mary, she’s around retirement age, admin, so, not a particularly affluent area, but still someone who’s prepared to spend money on her teeth and the value proposition that we came up with, listen closely. Discover a dentist that really gets you and that was one of the insides about Mary, is she wanted to come somewhere where they really get her as a person. Open communication, so if you feel safe and well understood. These are the things that Mary cares about, this particular avatar. New gentle technology so that she can forget the bad dental experiences of the past.

Now, let’s think about it. I’m turning 50 this year, but if Mary’s 55 or she’s 60 or whatever your avatar is, dentistry for her, and I can tell you what it was like for me as a child, I mean, you know, it was something to be feared, or I would say these days the dental experience is very different to that. So, therefore, addressing that in the case of Mary is really important and then for Mary, a caring philosophy so that your teeth can stay in great shape for years to come. Mary’s a person who, she’s thinking about what she’s gonna be like when she’s 60, or if she’s 70, and so, really tapping into those things.

So, that was the value proposition for this practice for Mary. It was all about a product, you know, basically, if you come to us safe, well understood, gentle technology, forget the bad experiences of the past, a caring philosophy so your teeth can stay in great shape for years to come and if you can get that value proposition speaking to the conversation that’s going on in the mind of your avatar, it’s way more attractive than saying we’re friendly and we’ve got good customer service. So, that’s one example.

Here’s a different one. This was Sarah and I will say, for whatever reason, in Australia most of the avatars are women. I’m doing a session this week with a client, we’ve looked at their data and their avatar is actually a male, so that’s quite exciting. I think part of the reason for women is, I suppose women probably care a little bit more about their presentation. Secondly, for women, often they’re the nurturers, so that means if you can attract them as your avatar, they’re probably gonna bring the hubby and the kids along as well.

All right, so this particular one is Sarah. This is in a quiet and affluent area in Sydney and for her coming to the dentist is a bit like going to the beauty spa or getting her hair done. So, we’ve really got to tap into that experience. Discover a dentist that will have you feeling a bit special from the moment you walk in. Help you build healthier habits for a better lifestyle for you and your family. So, these were some of the insights.

At this particular practice, they said, their Sarah, their avatar, really wants to feel a bit special, a bit pampered. It’s a little bit like some of those other beauty therapy regimes and it’s really important in that area, and this is often true in a more affluent area, that these people are quite health conscious and so, if we can help her with healthier habits for a healthier lifestyle for you and her family, that’s really tapping into that, and then build a trusting connection that makes you feel safe and relaxed each time you visit.

Now, the other thing about this one that was really interesting is that they put in a, what do we call it, a more confident smile guarantee. That you work together and over 12 months that Sarah would have a more confident smile and if she didn’t, the practice would basically fix anything that would have been done to that effect. So, that can be really compelling, there’s that guarantee.

They’re not saying that we guarantee, I mean in some ways it’s quite vague, I mean, what is a more confident smile mean? But, it’s a way of kind of standing behind and saying wow, we really mean this and for a Sarah, who doesn’t know the practice at all, let me compare dentist A over here who’s saying, you know, we’re friendly and we’ve got good technical skills with these guys who took really speaking to the conversation in my head. A bit special, healthier habits for the whole family, safe and relaxed and guaranteeing a more confident smile in 12 months and they’ll work with us to fix that.

So, I hope that gives you a bit of idea the sort of process. Look, part of the reason I’ve been prepared to read these out to you, A, I wanna help you and B, I don’t care if you steal them because if you get the process, if this is not the conversation going on in your avatar’s mind, then that value proposition is a complete waste of time.

This is a personalised experience. Anyway, I hope you found that helpful. That’s the end of our four-part series. Now, at Dental Profit System, as you can probably figure out, we do help clients with this and if you would like a hand establishing a way to stand out in your local area, then get across to Dentalprofitsystem.com.  Send us a message and we’ve got a process that we’ll take you through.

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Otherwise, for me, Angus Pryor, to my lovely listeners and viewers and entredentists all over the world, signing off. See you next time on Marketing Monday.