Angus Pryor Dental Marketing – Why dentists need us more than ever

The Angus Pryor dental marketing philosophy is simple. We help dentists win in business and life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But what does that mean for you and your dental practice? 

We all know that dentists don’t have it easy when it comes to marketing and growing practice profits.

For dentists, there’s a unique set of challenges that make it far more challenging:

  1. Research shows that half the Australian population are fearful of the dentist. How will you persuade people to not only visit your clinic, but also hand over money for something they fear?
  2. There is growing competition and commoditisation of dentistry, which makes it even more important that your marketing stands out, or you’ll leave potential patients wondering why they should choose you over your competition. 
  3. Corporate practices are stealing market share and pushing independent practices to bankruptcy.
  4. Insurance companies are pushing down the prices on dental services, while setting up their own practices and stealing your patients 
  5. Reduced patient spending is suffocating private practices across the country. 
  6. Young millennial dentists are using cutting edge marketing methods that overshadow your best efforts.
  7. An oversupply of dentists is driving down prices and putting many dentists out of business.

The dentists who will survive and thrive in 2019 and beyond will be those who have a unique edge over the competition. 

Those who have plenty of time, focus, productivity, energy and the smartest strategies to run and grow their practice.

Angus Pryor dental marketing strategies offer practical, modern approaches that are proven to fill waiting rooms from wall to wall with patients… and keep them coming back to month after month.

And, while working less hours than ever before. 

Today, we’ve now helped hundreds of dentists grow their profits, slash their hours and reduce their stress levels. And for one underlying reason:

We work exclusively with dentists.

This allows us to truly understand all the nuances that make your patients tick, make your website work and make your practice run more profitably.

Whether it’s helping you show up in Google and ensuring your practice wins new leads from those internet searches, or private consulting, where I take you through a ten step process to help you “be everywhere” in order to reach and book more patients each week.

Or, on the high end of the scale, I also offer an exclusive mastermind, where you can join up to 10 non-competing, elite dental practices from around Australia, learn from each other, grow your business, earn more and work less. We cover every facet of your business. From cost-effective marketing, staffing, systems, processes and beyond.