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Vinnova Dental Wangaratta increases their Google Reviews by 1,560% in two years

Vinnova Dental Wangaratta is a dental clinic located in the regional town of Wangaratta in Victoria, Australia. Back in November 2020, the clinic only had 10 Google reviews. However, the practice recognised the importance of online reviews in building trust and credibility with potential patients and decided to use Dental Marketing Solution’s Google Reviews Maximiser product to improve their online reputation.

Google Reviews Maximiser is designed to help businesses improve their online reputation by encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Google. Our team uses a combination of automation, email marketing, and review management to increase the number of positive reviews on a business's Google listing.

Vinnova Dental Wangaratta started using Google Reviews Maximiser on 28th November 2020 and continued to use it for 2 years and 3 months. With Google Reviews Maximiser, they were guaranteed at least 50 new Google reviews within 180 days, that goal was met and exceeded.

Vinnova Dental Wangaratta integrated Google Reviews Maximiser into their existing marketing strategy. The product allowed them to send automated emails to their patients after each appointment requesting them to leave a review on Google if they had a good experience. The emails were personalised and included a direct link to the clinic's Google listing, making it easy for patients to leave a review.

Within the first six months of using Google Reviews Maximiser, Vinnova Dental Wangaratta exceeded their goal of 100 Google reviews. The clinic continued to use the tool for another year, and by the end of February 2023, they had received a total of 166 Google reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Google Reviews Maximiser was instrumental in helping Vinnova Dental Wangaratta achieve their goal of improving their online reputation. Our product enabled them to increase their Google reviews by 1,560% within two years and three months, resulting in a significant increase in patient trust and credibility.