Do You Know What Is Your Practice Mission?

This week on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will be sharing with you on the importance of having a mission at your practice. Find out more by watching the video now.

Now today, I’m bringing a topic that you might think is only semi-relevant to marketing but really underpins everything that you do. The question is, what’s your mission? Does your practice have a mission? Now, some of you are thinking, how is this relevant to anything and what even is a mission?

But, the reality is the mission answers this question:

  • What are we about?
  • What are we here for?
  • What’s the purpose of our business?

When you’re thinking about your mission statement for your practice. The question, what I suggest you do is make sure that you keep it brief, maximum of three points. I have seen some mission statements where it’s kind of like the recipe for how to be perfect in business, where they end up with 10 points.

The reason I say keep it to a maximum of three points is because I want this to be something that’s in the mind of your team, not having to go and look, and it’s on the wall, oh, what’s our mission? What’s point number seven?

In my mind that’s a failure.

I’m much more interested in having something briefer that it’s front of mind for everybody in your team all the time and so that it underpins everything you do. Back in my government days, our secretary had come up with a mission statement that had 10 points. They got these three highly paid consultants that came in and they said, no, maximum of three and I absolutely agree.

Now, at Dental Profit System, we’ve recently done ours. So here’s what it is, helping dentists win in business and life. By the way, thank you for those of you who voted on this because we agonised over it and I sent out some feedback and that was the one that was quite popular with you guys and it’s the one that we really adopted.

So, helping dentists win in business and life. 

You might be thinking, why the heck have we’ve got in life. But, there’s a few things there. Firstly, if we help you in business, we’ll help you be more successful in your life. If business is something that’s less of a worry, well then obviously that should help the rest of your life.

Secondly, as I work with clients through mastermind, which we’re doing at the moment, we literally go, what personal goals, not just business but at the end of the day, business should be a part of our life, not all about life.

Then, the other part is and we’re constantly wrestling with this on the team, how do we apply this? So for you, what I’d say is once you’ve come up with your mission statement, I would be writing this in your meetings all the time, discussing it with the team. For each member of my team:

  • How does customer service help dentists win in business and life?
  • How does my sales team help dentists win in business and life?
  • How does my accounting team help dentist win in business and life?

So, both, bring it up in meetings and then having the team think about that for their own job. Because the better we can get this, what we’re about, the better we can have that permeate to all levels of the organisation and the more consistently we operate with what we’re about, which is a much better approach than having some kind of vague goals for every individual activity.

Now, the other thing that I’ve really been thinking about a lot is, the fact is I’m doing quite a lot of presentations especially the first six months of this year. In fact, in Melbourne on the 23rd of February, that’s this Saturday, Sydney the 2nd of March, that’s Saturday in a week and then Brisbane on the 6th of April.

If you go to, you can register for them. The topic is alternate SEO and social media masterclass. It’s going to be a great presentation. But, even in that I’m going, how am I going to help you win in life, as well?

Even though this is real nuts and bolts and business stuff, I will have some content in there to help dentists actually win in life. That’s the purpose of mission and how to get to try and permeate everything you do.