Top 10 marketing mistakes that dentists make in Australia (3)

Today on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor, the founder of Dental Profit System, will continue with a new series on the top 10 mistakes that dentists make in Australia.

Transcript: Top 10 marketing mistakes that dentists make in Australia

Well, hello entredentists. Angus Pryor here, creator of the Dental Profit System, co-author of the Amazon-crushing book, The Better Business Book.

Now, I wanted to talk to you about mistake number eight that I see dentists making. I’ve just returned from seeing a client where we’ve been doing some Facebook marketing for them, which has been very good at generating leads, in fact, for this particular client he’s interested in impact.

What we found is that the process was generating leads quite effectively, if you can imagine kind of a funnel, you know, with the leads coming into the top, and then the practice picking up the phone, and in this particular instance, they had a free 15-minute appointment. But that process for converting the leads into the actual appointments was the part that was breaking down.

When I think about the mistakes that dentists make in this area, it’s not tracking how effectively you’re converting any of your inquiries into appointments. I mean, do you have a system, do you know that for every phone call you get a week from a new client, what percentage of those actually gets turned into an appointment? I can tell you from the data that we’ve captured with clients all around Australia, that like the worst I’ve ever seen is 50%.

Now, let’s think about the shoe on the other foot. Let’s imagine you’re spending $1000 a month on marketing, which I’d say is kind of average from the clients that we deal with. If you could get that 50% up to, you’re never going to get 100%, but let’s go for 80. No, I’ll tell you what, we’ll do 50% up to 75%. That’s like spending an extra $500 a month on your marketing.

Similarly, I suppose, if you were spending, let’s see if I can get the maths right, if you were spending $2000 a month with a 40% conversion, if you could get that conversion from 40% to 80%, you could go theoretically from $2000 a month to $1000 a month. So tracking that conversion of your inquiries into appointments is absolutely critical.

All right, well these are going to be pretty short and sweet, so that’s mistake number eight that I see dentists making. Track your conversions, how are you doing? Interesting thing, what’s measured is done. I used to be a manager, in fact, I worked briefly in a bank, and once something was being measured and was put on the board or whatever, it was amazing how just that alone was enough to change that stuff.

Now obviously, work with your team, train them, etc., etc. But tracking those call conversions is critical, and you literally could be saving yourself thousands of dollars or indeed boosting the return from your efforts.

Otherwise, from me, Angus Pryor signing off, see you next time.