The Number One Mistake That Dentists Make In Relation To Google Adwords

This week on Marketing Monday, the founder of Dental Profit System, Angus Pryor will be talking about the number one mistake that dentists make in relations to Google Adwords.

What is the number one mistake that dentists make in relation to Google? Find out now.

Hi everyone. Angus Pryor here, the creator of the Dental Profit System, and the co-author of Kindle crushing book, The Better Business Book, bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday.

Now, this is actually part of a four-part series looking at Google, and what that is for dentists. We’re gonna look at Google AdWords. I wanted to start by telling you what is the number one mistake I see dentists making in relation to Google. It’s simply this, if I had $1 for every time dentists said to me, “Oh, we’re on Google.” They assume that that means the organic, the unpaid part of Google, as well as the paid part. The fact is that those two are completely separate.

The most common mistake I see from dentists, and even my clients, which perhaps suggests I haven’t done a good enough job explaining to them, that when you do a Google search on something particularly business related, or dentists, or whatever, what’s at the top of Google is the ads. You’ll see in the fine print, it says ad there. That is completely separate from what sits below there. But a lot of dentists go, “Oh yeah, we’re on Google. We’re paying someone.” They think that they’re doing the ads, as well as the organic, the unpaid stuff. The fact is, that’s not the case.

Your take-home message from this, before you do anything else is, find out what you’re doing. Do the people who built the website, are they doing what’s called Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, for you? Because if you’re not actually paying a monthly fee, they’re probably not. Adwords, that’s where you’re paying ads based on what people are searching for. I would say that is the number one mistake that I see dentists making.

The second point that I wanted to make about Adwords in Australia, for dentists in most parts of Australia, Adwords is not something you dabble with. It’s not something you stick your toe in, because my experience is, if you want to do it, you’ve got to rip right into. By that I mean, I’m talking about a minimum, minimum probably $1,500 a month in actual ad costs, plus whatever the agency who is doing it for you is charging. If you’re expecting to go, “Let’s spend $100 a month in AdWords,” the problem is, the results are going to be so inconsistent, you’ll actually wonder why you bother.

That’s the first thing. When you say you’re on Google, be aware that the ads and the unpaid stuff in completely separate. You’re gonna have to probably pay someone to do both of those. Secondly, in relation to AdWords, for dentists in Australia, virtually everywhere, you gotta spend probably a minimum ad cost of $1,500 a month, just in ads, to get any kind of consistency. And frankly, as a person who provides that service, I won’t do it for any less than that, because it’s gonna get to Thursday and you’re gonna go, “Angus, the phone hasn’t rung this week.” It really can be very inconsistent.

Now the third point about Adwords is the way that it works is, whatever someone types in, they call it a keyword, but it’s probably a key phrase, that’s what you can rank against. People often assume, “Yeah, we’ve got someone doing Adwords for us. We’re ranking for whatever.” But to give you an idea, let’s say you’re living in Castle Hill. Ranking for ‘Castle Hill dentists’ is actually separate from ranking from ‘dentists Castle Hill’. So the amount of keywords that you can potentially rank for is massive. Just be aware. To honest, get a professional involved. If you want to get results, you’ve gotta commit a budget to it.

The final thing I’ll say about Adwords, Google changes its algorithm a bit. One thing that didn’t used to be the case, in fact, I misunderstood this until fairly recently, the paid ads don’t affect your unpaid rankings. Even though if you’re paying for ads, but you’re not doing SEO, your SEO is probably going to suffer, one of the many factors that they take into account for SEO is, in fact, your ads. So that’s in some ways, a little bit sneaky by Google, but there you are.

That’s the biggest mistake I see, and a little bit of a cook’s tour about Adwords and getting the best out of that as a dentist. Now, if you would like some help with any of these things, please head across to Otherwise, for me, Angus Pryor, see you next week on Marketing Monday.