Making sense of Google in 2017 and beyond

Google is the most popular search engine in Australia. What is behind all the information displayed in your search results? Are Google Adwords and your organic listing related? This week on Marketing Monday, the founder of Dental Profit System, Angus Pryor will share with you some facts and figures about the uses of Google in Australia and in business.


Well hello entredentists, Angus Pryor here from Dental Profit System bringing you this week’s marketing Monday. Now, on this week’s show, we’re going to talk about something that I talked to a lot of dentists in my work of the creator of the Dental Profit System and I spent a lot of time talking to dentists, and this is a really common misunderstanding. In fact, I’m gonna do a series on it.

It’s talking about making sense of Google in 2017 and beyond. This is actually gonna be the start of a series and I really wanna help for you unpack a few questions. Why it’s important? What you need to know and how all the bits work together. Because I can tell you they don’t fit together the way most people do.

Now the first thing you need to know is if you’re in Australia, Google is really important and you might be thinking “Yeah, no kidding Angus.” But the fact is, Australia has an unusually high number of people using Google compared to many other countries. In the US for example, Bing and Yahoo are reasonably high as well, but in Australia there, usage of Google is around 85%. It’s absolutely critical that you are strongly involved with Google.

The second thing I need to tell you about Google. If you do a Google search, for example, for a dentist or some other kind of business, you’ll see things on one page, but the reality is it’s actually three or four different systems appearing together. And what we’re gonna do in the coming weeks is we’re gonna break them up.

The first thing that you’ll see will be Google Adverts. The second thing that you’ll see will be Google Maps and interrelation between maps and Google My Business. And then the third thing that you’ll see will be, just what they call, “Organic” or “Unpaid” Google Listings. As much as they all appear on the same page, and this is a really common misconception, the fact is they are separate.

For example, if you’re paying money for Google Adwords, and this is gonna shock some of you, this doesn’t affect your Organic Listing one iota. Doesn’t affect it at all. It’s a little bit like, if you’ve ever been involved in doing stuff with newspapers in the past, you pay for some ads and they say “Hey, can I submit this article for you to print?” And they say, “There’s a separation between advertising and editorial.” And it’s a little bit like that in the separation between Adwords and in the organic listings, the unpaid listings.

So there we have it. 84% of Australians are using Google. We know it’s a lot, but it’s actually very high in Australia, compared to other countries. Three or four different systems appearing on the same page at the same time. You think they’re all the same, they’re not. They’re separate. In the coming weeks I’m gonna break them up one by one and tell you how to actually mastered each one, ’cause it’s definitely worth doing.

Now the final thing I wanna mention to you today is, we got a very exciting conference coming up. It’s all about dental business. It’s what every dentist needs to know to succeed in dental business in 2018. It’s being held in Sydney on the 2nd of December.

Get across to Check out all the stuff that’s there. Otherwise, next week we’re gonna start off looking at Google Adwords and how that all works and what it all means for you. I’m also gonna give you my take on where it sits from a marketing point of view for dentists these days. Otherwise, from me, Angus Pryor, sitting in the sun here, enjoying it in Sydney, signing off, see you next week.