Making sense of Google in 2017 and beyond (Part 2)

Google is the most popular search engine in Australia. This week on Marketing Monday, the founder of Dental Profit System, Angus Pryor will share with you three ways to improve your SEO and get ranked higher on Google organic listing.


Well good afternoon entredentists, Angus Pryor here, the creator of Dental Profit System, and co-author of the Kindle crushing book, the Better Business Book, bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday.

Now, the topic for today, we’ve been looking at, is part of a series on making sense of Google and how to win at it. And, the message that I relate to SEO, also known as search engine optimization, now, for the uninitiated, SEO is what you do to influence the unpaid part of Google.

So when you do a Google search, if it’s anything to do with business, you know, like, suburb name dentist, you know, I’m in San Diego at the moment, San Diego dentist, the first thing you’re going to see is a few ads, and then it’s what you see underneath that. Sometimes called organic in the sense that they’re not paid like the ones above, and the question that a lot of dentists ask me is, how do I get to be number one in Google? In those unpaid or organic listings?

And the truth is, let’s say they’ve got very little to do with the Adwords ads. The Adwords themselves will pay for you to be in those top positions, but in that organic part of the Google listings, Google is on record as saying that there are about 200 factors that they take into account to determine, for example, in your suburb, your dental practice ends up being on top of the list. That’s rather a lot of factors isn’t it?

But look if you were to boil them down to three things, in Google, number one is relevance. If you think about it, if you were Google, what you want is if someone types in, I don’t know, restaurant Sydney, well you don’t want a mechanic turning up, do you? And so relevance is key, and so, therefore, what therefore becomes key is content. Because, and I think people often forget this, Google is not actually a person, Google is a machine, a bot if you like.

And when they come and look at your website, and they say ‘what’s this page about’? If it’s really good content, and it’s all about, for example, San Diego dentist, then they say, that must be a strong page about that, therefore we’re going to rank it higher. So content’s really key. Good quality content.

The second factor that’s key is actually how long people spend on your page, because the length of time that people spend on your website is also a really good indication that your website, in the eyes of this bot, is one that’s worth staying with. Does that make sense? So the first thing is the quality of the content, remember Google’s all about relevance. The second thing is how long people are actually spending on your page.If they get to your page and they jump off in five seconds, that’s a pretty good indication to Google that your page, in relation to that search, is not that relevant.

And then the third thing is relating to links. And if you can imagine, I’ve got a few little wisecracks here. If you can imagine, again, Google’s a bot. If it’s looking at your page, and it sees all these links that say, for example, about being a dentist in San Diego, and they’re from high-quality sites linking back to your page, that’s a really strong indication that you know, your page is worth ranking highly in Google.

So that’s a very simple explanation of how SEO works in Google, and basically, SEO is the process of trying to generate the content to make your page attractive to Google.

Alright, well that’s a very quick cook’s tour in relation to SEO, but the key message here is, have high-quality content, update it if you can, and keep an eye on your metrics, because that’ll tell you whether you’re doing a good job or not.

Now if you’d like some more help with any of the information relating to this, then please get logged into, we do SEO and we have guarantees about what outcomes you’re going to get within an eight month period. Otherwise, this is Angus Pryor signing off until next week on Marketing Monday.