How To Handle New Competition In Your Area

Today on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you some tips on how to handle new competition in your area.

Now, the topic for today is, “Help! A new practice opened up nearby, what do I do?” And this is a query that came from a client of mine, and I’ve got a special offer today, not a sales offer, a my gift to you offer.

I’m going to talk briefly about the topic, but if you would like to get a copy of a video that we put together at our workshop where we had a whole bunch of dentists, their team spent half an hour workshopping this issue and then someone came and presented it to the group.

The video’s about five minutes I think, and it’s presenting the considered views of a whole team of dentists when we workshopped this together, how to handle this issue. So if you’d like to get a copy of the video, then I will email it to you.

Now, look, in very simple terms, because the video actually explains it better than I do, which is one of the participants presenting his group’s views, there’s really two main things you can do. You can look at internal stuff and you can look at external stuff, if you think about the two categories. And I can tell you this phenomenon’s happening all the time. I’m getting my clients saying, “A new dentist opened up nearby.”

Externally, obviously you want to be looking at your website, you want to be looking at how you appear on Google, what your social media stuff’s like. And you definitely, if for example you’re doing Google ad words and a new practice opened up, that’s often a space that they will go to too.

So you’ve got that external stuff, and if you’re doing the ad words then ad words will become more expensive if you’ve got somebody else. So that’s the external stuff. But I would say possibly even a greater focus, based on the feedback from the workshop, was internal.

How well are you making sure that you’re looking after your clients internally? Because those are the guys that are used to coming to you, and you’ve just got to make sure that they’re not getting lapsed appointments, that they’re coming to their hygiene appointments every six months, et cetera.

So anyway, I think that’s probably it, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, simply to say if you have this scenario consider your external marketing and consider your internal stuff as well.