How to get your dental practice to stand out in 2018

Happy New Year! In this first video of 2018 on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor, the founder of Dental Profit System, will be talking about how to get your dental practice to stand out in 2018!

Transcript: How to get your dental practice to stand out in 2018

Well, hello entredentists. Happy New Year, 2018. Angus Pryor, the creator of the Dental Profit System, and co-author of the Amazon crushing book, The Better Business Book, bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday, the weekly show designed to boost the marketing of your dental practice.

Now, today we’re going to look at how to get your dental practice, your Australian dental practice, or indeed, your global dental practice to stand out in 2018. This is going to be part of a series, and what I wanted to do today, is talk to you about why you need to do this.

I deal with a lot of dentists all over Australia, and I can tell you, a week wouldn’t go by where I wouldn’t get a phone call from a new dental practice in Australia setting up. Now, here are the numbers. In Australia in the last three years, there’s been over 2,200 new dentists. There are dentists coming into the marketplace all the time. That’s the numbers from AHPRA, but that’s also, I get that personally because I’m being contacted all the time. We know those numbers have grown.

The second reason I need to tell you is that I went to the U.S. in October last year … because often what happens in Australia is happening in the U.S. a few years beforehand. I can tell you that in the U.S., the trend of not just growing numbers of dentists, but increasing corporatization, corporates with deep pockets, big marketing budgets, that is just happening more, and more, and more.

In fact, if I haven’t totally freaked you out yet, in the U.S. in some of the neighboring professions, even the likes of Walmart and so on are starting to get into that space. We’ve seen corporates take on that sort of thing in Australia in terms of the veterinary industry. It used to be just vets, now you’ll see Petbarn, and Petstop have got a vet inside there.

This trend is coming, and I guess I’ve got to say to you, you really need to set your practice apart, and you need to do it now. If you don’t do it, the trend that’s coming, you’re just going to get left behind. What you don’t want to be is a commodity.

Now, the interesting thing is, that for most dentists that I deal with when they say, “Well, let’s set our practice apart,” what they’re thinking of is, “Hey, I’ll go and buy a new piece of equipment, or I’ll go and do a course.” The problem with that approach, is those are things that most clients are not measuring you on when they decide whether they want to come to you or not.

Now, as a case in point, I did a review recently for one of my clients. She had a big ad on the yellow pages,, and I was absolutely shocked to see as I scrolled down, and there were about eight ads for dentists in her area.

You know, from a consumer’s point of view, there was almost nothing in there that made me think that I should choose Dentist A over Dentist B. The claims were just all the same. I was really shocked. It was kind of like, “We’re friendly, and we’re experienced, and we’ve got good technical skills,” and so on.

Well, none of that stuff is setting you apart, so what we’re going to do in the coming weeks, is I’m going to give you step-by-step how to get your practice to set apart. It’s not going to be to do with equipment, and it’s not going to be to do with going on a new course.

It is in terms of how you present your practice to the marketplace in a way that they find valuable for the marketplace in your area, and something that they actually value. I can tell you overwhelmingly when people are considering whether they come to your practice or another one, it’s got nothing to do with the equipment that you’ve got or the courses that you’ve done.

Okay, so that’s the coming … that will be in the next few weeks, so stay tuned. Australian Eastern Standard Time, I guess we’re on daylight savings time, 1:00 p.m. every Monday. Otherwise, it comes out … I’ll share it on Facebook, and then it comes out by email if you’re on our email list.

Now, the next thing is in March, I’m going to be coming to Brisbane. I’m going to be in Sydney, and I’m going to be in Melbourne. We’ve got a live event, it’s a one-day event. It’s a one-day event for creating an actionable marketing plan, a one-year marketing plan for your practice.

Some of the feedback that I’ve had from clients has been, “Hey, it’s all very well to come to seminars and so on and heed general advice, but I’d like it to be more of a workshop, where I can work on my own practice.” That’s something we’re doing with Dentevents. That will be up in the next week or so, so I’ll post that link, and you can see it here.

Otherwise, for this week from Angus Pryor, signing off. See you next time on Marketing Monday.