How to do a new financial year marketing makeover for your dental practice – part one

The financial year just ended and it is a perfect time to give your dental practice a makeover in terms of marketing. Are you spending too much or too little on marketing if you are even investing in it at all? Is your effort being paid off and it is bringing you new clients?

This week on Marketing Monday with Angus Pryor, Angus will share with you the two simple steps that you can take in order to give your business a transformational makeover.


Hi everyone, Angus Pryor here, creator of the Dental Profit System and author of the Kindle’s smashing book, “The Better Business Book”, bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday. The weekly show’s designed to boost the marketing at your dental practice. So today’s topic is about how to do a new financial year marketing makeover for your business.

Firstly, there’s an upcoming article that I’ve got in The Australian Dental Association’s news bulletin which we’ll be covering in a bit more depth. But over the next few weeks, we’re going to look at this bit by bit but I need to tell you about a makeover that I think about when I think about my makeover. I need to do a little story.

Now once upon a time, I was a diplomat. Believe it or not, I served as a diplomat for seven years and I worked at the Australian Embassies and High Commissions around the world. And at one point, I found myself in Tonga. And in Tonga, there are 3 things that stick in my mind. The first was that in a little café there, I got a free band aid for my chocolate milk shake so that one’s definitely stuck with me. The second one was just a unique experience. We had a whole pig on a spit down a beach, that was fantastic.

But the third one relating to makeovers was a dental makeover, Tongan style, and if you don’t know what that is, you might be in for a little bit of a shock. I met a number of people there, I don’t know what triggers this, maybe someone can tell me but I assume if they want a makeover, what they do is they’ll go to the dentist who uses their drill to drill out perfectly healthy teeth. You know I guess sort of indentations, haven’t really figured out what the patterns are. And then they fill that with gold. So perfectly healthy teeth, they oughtn’t to replace the whole tooth, they ought to just have little patterns and designs. So that’s a makeover, a dental makeover Tongan style. If you want to tell me more about that or if you’re Tongan or something, by all means, get in touch.

But today we’re talking about our marketing makeover for your practice, and because this is a series I am going to keep it nice and easy for you. The first step we need to do is review. The financial year just finished and you’re thinking ‘Well how do we go with our marketing?”. And so with that in mind, there are 2 things I want you to do for your review, they’re really simple. Hopefully you’ve got this information at your fingertips.

Step one, go and find out for your new patients in your business, what were the referral sources? Now ideally, you’d be capturing that information on calls and inquiries because that way you capture the referral sources from people that don’t end up making appointments. But the fact is that not everyone does that, I know that’s the case. And so if you’re capturing that information when someone comes to an appointment, then go on run the report for your system and find out where all your referral sources were over the last financial year, and then sort them from high to low. So that’s pretty straightforward and that shouldn’t take too long.

The second part, and this is maybe less fun, is go and have a look at how much money you’ve spent on your marketing. And then what I want you to do is match up the referral sources that are working best and the amount that you’ve spent on it and you’ll end up with a bit of a list. Now maybe you haven’t spent much at all and that’s okay. But that’s really the first step because the one thing about marketing is it just keeps changing, it changes all the time. The advice that my firm was giving two years ago is completely different to what it is now. So start with that review, find our your referral sources, find out where you’ve been spending the money and next week we’re going to then look at the next step.

Now the final thing I want to let you know is that if you are looking for more help with your marketing in your business, you can get to, that’s normal. But they’ve got 2 events that I am involved with which I want to let you know about. Both are in Sydney so if you’re outside city that means you’ve probably got to jump on a plane.

I am doing a one day training course. It is titled “What every practice owner needs to know about marketing”, very topical. And that’s with Momentum Management; we’re doing that on the 11th of August in the city. That’s a full-day course. I will put the link below when I am done. Check that one out, full day course, me, Momentum Management, Tony, should be a great course, “What every practice owner needs to know about marketing.”

The second one is just me. It’s an evening event also in Sydney. It’s on the 22nd of August, two hours. It’s a dental marketing symposium where I am going to be telling you in that if you’ve got a limited budget and you’ve got limited time, what are the things you’re going to get your best bang for your buck in terms of marketing, what are things that I’d be doing if it was my business. And then we’ll feed you for that one. And then after the break, a bit of a cook’s tour on what’s hot in marketing land. And we’re going to sort the sheep from the goats in that space. So that’s two events you can come and check me at it in August in Sydney. Trying to give you plenty of notice, high quality stuff.

So alright that’s dental marketing makeover 101. Hopefully you’re not thinking about the Tongan style dental makeovers. Otherwise, till next week. It’s Angus Priyor signing off. See you later.