How to create your value proposition

Continuing our series on how to get your practice to stand out in 2018 on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor, the founder of Dental Profit System, will be talking about creating your value propositions.
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Transcript: How to get your dental practice to stand out in 2018

This is Angus Pryor, creator of the Dental Profit System. I am the co-author of the Kindle-crushing book, The Better Business Book. Bringing you today’s Marketing Monday, the weekly show designed to boost the marketing at your practice.

Well, today, we’re continuing our series. This is part three about how to get your practice to stand out. So, just as a reminder, the last two weeks, week one, we talked about why you need to get your practice to stand out more than ever.

Last week, we talked about how to figure out who your practice avatar is. That’s your ideal kind of client and there’s a process you can go through. And today, we’re going to talk about creating this groovy thing called a value proposition. How is it that you turn whatever it is that your ideal client would want into something that they really need.

Okay, so we know that you need to stand out. I’ve given you how to establish who your ideal client is. The next step is how do we create this crazy thing called a value proposition, also known as a unique selling proposition. And the process is reasonably simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.

Once you’ve really, really tapped into who your ideal client is, what I do if I’m facilitating a session like this is would get everyone to close their eyes to imagine they are that person. And then, when they open their eyes, get your pad and paper ready and you’re going to write like mad. And the question you’ve got to ask yourself is, looking through that person’s eyes, “What is it about this business, this practice, that that person would really value?”

Now, I’ve done this a lot of times now and I can tell you the one that really blew me away the first time I did this is when you filled up a whole whiteboard with all of the things that … and, by the way, your avatar, your ideal client, give them a name, a name that would suit that person whether it’s Mary, or Bill, or Fred, or whatever. So, you imagine looking through Mary’s eyes and you saying, “If I was Mary, what would I value about dealing with this practice?” And then, you write all those together.

Here’s the thing, I’ve done this so many times now, you fill up a whiteboard with ideas, and guess what thing is actually missing almost nine times out of ten? I’m dealing mainly with dentists and the answer is dentistry. It’s extraordinary. All of the things that you’re avatar values about your practice is not actually what you’re practicing. From their eyes, that’s a given. If you’re coming to the dentist, I expect you to do dentistry. What I really value is that you really take the time or I love being treated as my first name when I walk in or I have a special client experience.

Anyway, so the process is you imagine looking through Mary’s eyes. Let’s imagine that Mary is your avatar. You write down all the stuff that Mary values and then you’ve got to try and distill it into two or three points. You can do it three ways. You can do it as a product, in which case I’d like to think of it as, “This is what you get for dealing with us.” So, there’s no, I don’t need to do anything, it’s just this is what you get.

The second way is an offer. If you do this, you get X. Now, as an example, let’s say you’ve got a practice and you say, “Well, if you come and see us twice in the next twelve months, then we’ll give you free whitening.” That’s an offer. You do this, you get that.

And then, the third way is a guarantee. Now, I can tell you a number of healthcare professionals, including dentists, don’t like making guarantees because you got to be careful about guaranteeing what you can’t deliver in terms of a medical outcome, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make guarantees about service.

For example, a client of mine, they measure and they know that they start on time, 99 percent of the time. So, they can make a guarantee and say, “Well, if we don’t start the appointment within five minutes of your appointment time, then we’ll take 100 bucks off the bill.”

Now, as long as your avatar, Mary, values that, if she’s busy, if she’s time poor, that’s a really compelling reason for her to deal with you. So, that’s it. Why is it important, find out who your avatar is, look through their eyes, think about what they value from dealing with you. Just write it all down into probably two or three points and that is your value proposition.

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Otherwise, for me, from Angus Pryor. Signing off, see you next week on Marketing Monday.