Get My FREE 3 Easy Scripts To Attract New Patients

This week on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you his FREE 3 easy scripts to attract new patients. Discover more by watching the video below now.

Now look, today it’s so simple. One of the things is that the very words that you use can change the experience of your clients in terms of how effectively you convert inquiries into appointments and indeed how effectively you keep you’re existing clients.

I’ve made some scripts for you. It’s as simple as that. If you go to there are three free scripts.

One helps you get more referral business and referral business is absolutely gold, so that’s so important. The second one helps you handle price shoppers, if you have people calling your business and saying, “How much do you charge for blah, blah, blah?” We help you with that. The third one is about re-engaging inactive clients where they’ve been clients and there’s the actual words you can use, the scripts so that you get a better outcome.

If I can put it to you this way, implement the scripts and seriously, you could comfortably expect to have a one, two, three, four, five percent increase in how you’re attracting and keeping new clients in the next twelve months.

I wonder what would that be worth to you? I guess quite a lot.

Head to and enjoy some free scripts with my compliments on a  Monday.