Find Out The Best Tip On How To Get New Clients

Today on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you the best tip on how to get new clients.

Now, before I answer my question about are you a bolt, or are you a bolt remover? On the weekend we had a great session with a whole bunch of dentists from all over Australia in our Discover Your Dental Profits event. And yes, Usain Bolt, exactly. I did think about trying to built Usain Bolt into this, but never mind.

Anyway, we had an event on the weekend called Discover Your Dental Profits, and as part of that, we looked at patient sources, where do your clients come from? Now, it might not surprise you to know that for many practices their highest source of new client’s comes from word of mouth. And one of the best ways to really boost your word of mouth is to be providing outstanding service.

Okay, so, what we learnt is if you really deep dive into where new clients come from, word of mouth is a really strong source. And one of the best ways of having a strong source of new clients is providing outstanding service, no great surprise there. At this point you’re thinking what’s this got to be with being a bolt? In my hands, let me bring that nice and close to the camera, can you see that? That bolt?

So, last week, as I’m preparing for this weekend event, I’m driving to the hotel in Sydney. Not on the day, thank God, it was a couple of days before to go and check it out. And as I was driving, and all of you have had this experience before I imagine. It goes like this, you’re driving along and you get thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.

I’m thinking oh no, I’ve got myself a flat tire. And when I got to the … I stopped the car and had a look at all the tires, and what I could see was the profile of that sticking out of the tire, like that, and as I got closer to it I can hear it going sss, and I’m like oh, fantastic.

This bolt, just like that bolt there, had gone end in straight into the tire. And of course I had a thousand things to do, it was the day before the event. So I Googled tires, and there was a place in Sydney, close to where I was, a Goodyear at where were they, because I do want to give them a plug. I was going to say I want to pump up their tires, but that’s probably you know, maybe that works well for a tire place. They were at Mascot, Goodyear at Mascot.

And I went in there and I said look, is there any chance you could … I’m happy for you just to take one tire off and put this spare on and I’ll deal with the rest of it later. And amazingly they said look, if you wait for five or ten minutes, we’ll do it on the spot. And so they got me out of a really sticky situation, and the reality is I’ve told dozens of people about this ever since, because I sat there for 10 minutes, he took the tire off. He actually fixed it, handed me the bolt and then got me on my way.

And I guess my question is, is your practice, are you a bolt? Are you the virtual thorn in the side? Or are you a bolt remover? When people are in a tough situation, do you really go that extra yard to help them to get the result that they want? Because for me I’ve told a whole bunch of people about this Goodyear at Mascot, because they really got me out of a tough situation. And the fact of the matter is that word of mouth is a brilliant way of bringing in new clients.

All right well that’s it for that little message about bolts. Hopefully you’re a bolt remover, not a bolt.