3 Simple Tips To Get More Clients From Social Media

This week on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you 3 simple tips to get more clients from social media. Find out how you can get more clients with these 3 simple tips by watching the video below.

Now today, our topic is three simple tips to get more clients from social media. And of course you’re watching me on social media, so you’ll understand that I might have spent a little time doing this. The first point I wanted to make about any social media is to position where social media sits among all of the different options that you could be using for your business.

Okay, so step number one, what are the three simple tips to get more from your social media? The first one is this very important message here. One of the things I want you to understand is when you are using social media to get more clients, the main reason you’re using it to boost the concept of know, like, and trust.

Because people do business with people they know, like, and trust. And in my view, there is no better way to build know, like, and trust than social media. Indeed, think about it from this point of view. If you watch me do this video for a while, you start to go yeah, I’ve seen Angus doing this. And by the way, he tells some terrible jokes, so I like that. And after a while, you start to build trust.

And I think in my mind, that social media is best for building this, rather than directly getting clients. You can use it to directly get clients, but typically, you’ve got to have a whole funnel system that sits on the back of this to be able to do it. So, conceptually social media’s mainly about know, like, and trust. Does that generate clients? Yes, it does, but it’s part of a bigger picture.

All right, my second point starts with H. It’s around headlines. Headlines in social media, absolutely critical. And I think the number one thing I’d say to you is really agonise over your headline before you go on social media because what often happens is that we put stuff that’s really boring, that you’re people are not that interested in.

Whereas, three simple tips to get more clients from social media, well let’s think about that, it’s simple, there’s three of them. We like headlines with numbers. Pretty much everybody who’s watching this wants more clients and you know what, you’re watching me on social media. Therefore it kind of makes sense.

Whereas if I said Angus’s opinions, it’s probably not nearly as interesting. And so you’ve got to think about it from dentistry. Not in terms of our new piece of equipment but the outcome. What is it that’s going to attract people’s attention either to entertain, interest them or intrigue them?

Now, the third one, is around asking for an opinion. And I can tell you, if you want to boost engagement on social media, asking for an opinion is by far one of the strongest ways to do that. And so what you can do, here’s a little secret for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you care what people’s opinion is. But it’s a brilliant way to boost engagement.

So, you could say … I’m just making this up, “Hey, we’re thinking about refurbishing our client lounge, do you think a blue or a green color scheme would be better?” You know, “What color couches? We’re thinking about changing the dental chairs. We’ve got a choice, which one do you want?”

I mean at the end of the day it doesn’t actually matter what they think but I can tell you from personal experience, asking for an opinion, the level of engagement is unbelievable.

I did that when I launched my book earlier this year and I had two covers. And I put an A and a B below the two covers and I said, “Which one do you like, A or B?” The simpler you can make it for people to interact, the better.

I had something like almost 500 comments on whether I should use cover A or B. Now, as it turned out, I did use the feedback but from your point of view, you want to get eyeballs on your content. You want to build that know, like, and trust.

And asking for an opinion about something that might appear a little bit even Mickey Mouse is still very effective at getting people to see your content, build the know, like, trust and then off you go.