Attention all growth-minded dentists…

Ready to discover the 10 most effective dental marketing strategies for 2020?

This event has been cancelled.

Hi, Angus here. If you’d like 2020 to be your best year in business, as you continue to keep the competition at bay and grow your practice profits with happier, higher spending patients

... then mark your calendar for Sat 8th Feb, 2020 when you could be joining 24 dentists in Sydney to discover my 10 most effective dental marketing strategies for the year ahead.

As one of my most valued clients, your ticket is FREE.


And if you decide to bring a member of staff or business partner, their ticket is just $99 to cover catering costs.

Frankly, this is “outrageous” according to my wife. But I simply cannot afford for you to miss out on these strategies for 2020, and I know that you can’t either.

And ultimately, if you don’t have a successful business neither do I.

So, that’s why your ticket is FREE.

But your ticket is ONLY free for a limited time.


I’m happy to hold onto your free ticket for the next 48hrs, then I’ll be releasing it to other dentists who are not current clients of mine, at a price of $297.

So, you’ll have to be quick and claim your ticket now, on this page.

So, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll get from this one-day-only event. Introducing…

10 Keys to Marketing Success in 2020.




Book your ticket today and discover my 10 best strategies that will allow you to:

  • Create an unstoppable “omnipresence” that allows you to reach more patients, more often, while mitigating your marketing risk
  • Rise above relentless, undercutting competition on your street, without dropping your prices
  • Enjoy a scalable, stable and profitable practice
  • Attract better quality patients who spend more
  • Reduce your advertising costs
  • Avoid procrastination and confusion when it comes marketing
  • Deploy a clear, simple and proven system to grow your profits in 2020

How can I be so sure this live training event will help grow your dental practice in 2020?


As the founder of Local Search For Dentists - one of the fastest growing dental marketing companies on the planet - I’ve worked with hundreds of dentists to improve their marketing and help them grow their practice profits.

Here’s what I’ve learnt over the past decade:

Relying on a single dental marketing strategy is dangerous!

If you’re relying on a single tactic, you’re vulnerable. Rules can change. Patients can change. Costs can change. Competition can change. Everything can change, and then what?

As you know, I teach dentists how to use an omnipresence approach to mitigate risk in their marketing. If something stops working overnight, they still have dozens more systems in place to bring in new patients like clockwork each week.

Using this omnipresence approach, you’re also more visible online, making it easier to reach more people in your local area.

And the more you’re seen, the more likely people will recall your name and feel like they trust you.

But it’s not just about “being everywhere...”

If you’re going to be everywhere, you’re also going to need to have the right message when people find you.

During this one day event, I’ll teach you the 10 most potent marketing strategies to survive the competition and thrive in your local area in 2020.

Which means you’ll finally be able to become more visible, with the right message, allowing you to stand out from the competition, charge what you’re worth and attract repeat customers for years to come.

Can you afford to miss this?

I’m sure you’ll agree, the competition isn’t backing down. With dentists popping up on every street, downward pressure from corporations and private health care schemes, it’s only going to get harder to keep the lights on in your practice.

I know you’re a great dentist and I know you care deeply about your patients, your staff and the success of your practice.

So I’m determined to make sure local patients find you and stick with you… so that you don’t end up losing what you’ve worked so hard to achieve as a dentist.

"But I’ve already received your training Angus, why do I need to attend this live training?"

Simply put, times change.

If you’ve taken any of my previous courses, or if you’re receiving coaching and consulting from me, then you’re already streets ahead of most dentists when it comes to marketing your practice, however…

What worked yesterday won’t always work today.

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and what I’d like to teach you in this live event is what’s working today…

... and what I believe will be even more critical for your success as we head into 2020.

For a limited time, you can secure your ticket for just $197. This is a strict early bird price that will soon be rising to $297 after today.

Hurry… There’s ONLY 24 seats available!

I’ve deliberately restricted the number of seats available for 2 reasons:

  1. This small group means you’ll be able to ask questions and receive detailed answers at the end of the live training.
  2. You’ll learn 10 tactics that most of your competitors won’t ever know about, giving you a huge advantage among the fierce dental competition.

Book your ticket now to receive 3 special bonuses...

#1 - My Top Secret Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Ever wanted to write the kind of emails, newsletters, flyers, or even job advertisements that get people to pay attention and respond to? Now you can, in just minutes, even if you’re not a good writer. Use my copywriting cheat sheet to create highly effective advertising material, website content, job ads and more, quickly and painlessly.

#2 - Video Testimonial shooting guide (AHPRA compliant)

Have your best patients sell your dental practice for you with powerful testimonial videos. I’ll show you step by step how to shoot testimonial videos with your patients that grab attention and convince others to pick up the phone and visit your practice. I’ll also show you how to create testimonial videos that are AHPRA complaint to avoid complaints, negative reviews or costly legal action that other dentists may face when creating testimonial videos the wrong way.

#3 - My biggest video engagement trick revealed LIVE!

I’m going to show you the fastest, easiest way to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your videos today. Once you apply this simple trick, you can expect your videos to get a lot more views on social media, youtube and on your website, leading to more comments, enquiries, leads and new patient bookings. This is worth the price of admission alone!

Don’t forget, this critical training could be tax-deductible!

As I’m sure you’re aware, events like this are classed as legitimate business expenses, including travel costs. Make sure you remember to claim it on your tax return.

I’m excited to see you in person and teach you these 10 strategies and provide you with the 3 special bonuses above, to help you organize, stabilize, simplify and grow your dental practice in 2020, putting you streets ahead of the competition.

To your success,

Angus Pryor

Claim your ticket before seats are taken!


South Sydney Graphic Arts Club. 182 Coward St Mascot NSW (5 mins from airport)


Sat 8th Feb 2020. 9am — 5pm



Angus Pryor


FREE ($99 for each additional guest you bring or non-clients)

This event is fully catered.

Limited availability. Get your tickets now before it’s too late.

Why am I giving away free tickets?

This is a special gift to my existing clients, consistent with our mission of ‘helping dentists win in business and life’. For guests, the ticket price of $99 is at-cost to cover catering.

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