What NOT to do in your new financial year marketing makeover

In the last two videos, Angus Pryor, the founder of Dental Profit System, shared with you how to give your dental practice a marketing makeover. This week on Marketing Monday, Angus will be talking about what NOT to do in your new financial year if you want to improve your marketing. The biggest mistake you might make is to expect silver bullets in your marketing strategy. Do you know all the sources of your call inquiries? How do you know your marketing is bringing results?


Hello everyone, Angus Pryor here, the creator of the Dental Profit System and the co-author of the Kindle-crushing book, The Better Business Book, bring you this week’s Marketing Monday, the weekly show designed to boost the marketing at your dental practice.

This week we’re gonna talk about something that drives me flipping nuts, and that is silver bullets.  Look, what I wanted to talk to you about, something that drives me flipping nuts, is this fascination and this focus on silver bullets in the space of marketing. Let me tell you what I mean, let me tell you why I think it’s a load of rubbish. And then I’d really like to get your views on it as well.

Now when I think of silver bullet I’m actually reminded when I was a kid, there was a show the Adventures of Superman. I would love you, if you remember the Adventures of Superman, to just give me a thumbs up. It was actually filmed in black and white. If you remember, the way that the show worked is at the start, there’d be a woman who’d go, “Oh look up in the sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Superman.” And there was this voiceover radio guy that was like, “Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to lay tall buildings with a single bound.”

I think for a lot of people that’s what they want from their marketing. A lot of dentists that I talk to, I think they think that you can just do one thing, and that’ll be the silver bullet, the Superman effect, and that will fix all their marketing problems. My experience is that is absolutely not the case.
Now rather than me just telling you what I think, and I can assure you, I vehemently disagree with the silver bullet model. I’ve actually got some data here, because one of the things that we do with our clients, is we collet data for when a call comes in about what the source of the call was.

I got an awesome question from Toni, she said, “You should ask who should we thank for referring you to us?” Anyway, here’s the data. Anyway, see that pie chart there, that is all of the different sources for calls. So if you’re thinking that a success practice is just gonna be one thing and that’s gonna fix all your problem, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re sadly mistaken.

That data is the aggregate of a whole bunch of practice all over Australia. The reality is, the practice that get the best return from their marketing are not those that are looking for a silver bullet, it’s those that have an integrated, coordinated, multi-faceted set of marketing stuff, where you’ve got measurements in place, and all of that stuff works in harmony to generate a consistent results.

That’s your silver bullet. If I get people saying, “Oh, there’s a new bit of social media. You know, you’ve got to check it out. This is generating all the results,” so I have to say to you with the greatest of respect, no it’s not. If you look at the literature, and I’ve got a flipping master’s degree in marketing. A lot of the study that I did through university, there are real isolated cases where one particular marketing source generated most of the business.

But if you look at most of the most successful people in business, and the most success people online, they are drawn to a whole range of services, marketing activities, it’s the aggregate, it’s the cumulative effect of all of those things together. Now look, you may disagree with me, in which case I’d say post your comments and let me know if you think that silver bullets definitely the way to go.

But I wanted to do to put my money where my mouth is, to say well, I can sit here and bitch and moan about silver bullet, or I could say, “Well let me help you instead.” So this is what I’m prepared to do, if you get across to dentalprofitsystems.com, we have a free no-obligation, no hard sale, 60-minute discussion. We’ll set up a call, it’ll be with me, to help you with the marketing for your business. There’s no obligation. There’s no charge. Normally there is a charge, but we’ve got a special deal running for the end of the month.

I can talk about silver bullets as much as you want, but I will be counseling to you, to a more integrated, cumulative effect across a range of areas, because that’s where you get the best results. Now look, finally the other thing I’d have to say is it really is helpful to get some professional help. If I think about my own business, my growth at times, was stunted because I wanted to do everything myself. But once I started getting the professionals in, that’s when I’ve really seen things grow.

There are two opportunities next month in Sydney. There is a full day session with Momentum Management. I’ll put the links before. For a full day, you will go home at the end of the day with a marketing plan that you can implement for your business.

The second one is if your times more limited, I’ve got a two-hour session that’s also in Sydney later on in August, where I will be giving you my list of what’s working now in dentistry in Australia. We’ll have a break. We’re gonna feed you, and then after the break, I’ll give you a bit of a cook’s tour of a whole bunch of these other things that might be silver bullets. I’ll tell you which ones I think are working well, and which ones are not.

All right well, leave me some comments if you think silver bullets are definitely the go, then by all means let me know. If you agree with me, then I’d love to hear. Otherwise as ever, I do love a thumbs up. It encourages me to keep going. Finally, this is it for Marketing Monday for this week. It’s Angus Pryor signing off. See you next week.