How To Gain A Positively Unfair Advantage in Business and in Life 

With all the challenges facing the dental industry, what if there was a way to GET A POSITIVELY UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in business and life?

The pressures on dentists seem endless:

  • competition is going through the roof - the number of dentists in Australia grew by more than 2 1/2 times the Australian population in the last 5 years
  • corporates are applying the squeeze, actively poaching patients with their 'race to the bottom' pricing model
  • insurers have basically paid dentists the same amount for the past decade or so while dentist costs have increased markedly - and even then, rates of private health insurance are plummeting

However, there is an answer.

There is one area you could focus on in your business more than any other which gives you the biggest opportunity to buck this negative trend.

The answer is case conversions …

Literally, right now in your practice, you could add multiple 6 figures to your practice turnover if you could convert all the outstanding treatment needed by your existing patient base.

Even increasing your case conversions by a few percent a year could have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

With better case conversion from patients, you can spend less time and money on attracting new clients and sleep soundly at night knowing that your practice is becoming more profitable without taking on significant numbers of new patients.

Why your patients don’t convert

Let’s call a spade a spade. For many people, dentistry is a straight-out grudge buy. In that context, telling them they need additional dental work done is like telling them they need their toenails to be extracted … one by one.

It’s not that you don’t have the patient’s best interests at heart, it's just that they don’t understand the importance of what you’re recommending.

Most people would way rather spend their hard-earned money on a new big-screen TV or jet ski than on expensive dental treatment.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’ll show you how to unlock the gold in your practice

Bring the whole team and join me (Angus Pryor) and practice management guru Yolanda Gerges for a live one—day training that will reveal:

  • How to boost practice profits by converting more cases than you ever thought possible even if you've tried everything else and failed
  • The number one mistake dentists make in case conversions and how to fix it
  • A simple technique to build your practice reputation and boost the likelihood of case conversion even BEFORE your patients walk through the door
  • The few simple words your team is using every day that are completely undermining your case conversion efforts
  • A proven game plan to implement in-house so you'll know exactly what to do come Monday morning which means you'll stop leaving money on the table
  • How to help patients feel like you're an essential partner in helping them attain better overall health, making each day you spend at work happier
  • Exactly how and what to do so you stop wasting time trying to get patients to come back to convince them to undertake treatment that you know they genuinely need but won't commit to.

Use these secrets to start converting more patients at your practice and discover how to gain a positively unfair advantage in business and in life.

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Sydney — near airport, TBC


Sat 30th November 2019. 9am — 5pm


Angus Pryor and Yolanda Gerges


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This event is fully catered.

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Who is Angus Pryor?

Practice Growth Specialist, Angus Pryor, is an author, marketer and international speaker. After more than a decade working alongside dentists and other health care professionals, doctors, and vets, Angus entered the dental marketing space in 2014.

Angus is an Amazon number one bestselling author from his recent release ‘The Dental Practice Profit System – 5 Steps To Higher Patients And Higher Profits’. He has written extensively in a range of industry publications including DentistryIQ, Australasian Dental Practice, and ADA’s News Bulletin. He has been quoted on ABC, NBC and Fox TV.

After an extensive international search, Angus introduced Local Search for DentistsTM to Australia in 2018. As one of fastest growing dental marketing companies on the planet, LSFD boosts dentists’ online presence, helping them get their ‘Google house’ in order.

Angus holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Queensland, and several management diplomas. He has undertaken extensive personal study into digital and direct marketing over the past five years, which lead to him being certified as a Google Partner.

He surrounds himself with a hand-picked team of marketing experts covering a range of digital and traditional marketing services.


Who is Yolanda Gerges?


Yolanda is Director of Peak Hygiene Performance and The Peak Performance Practice.

Educated as a health professional, owner of various private practices and having obtained further qualifications in management & leadership, Yolanda brings real world knowledge, results and understanding of strategies that drive highly successful private practices.

Completing an MBA in 2006, Yolanda’s research thesis focused on patient loyalty frameworks, internal marketing and patient retention models of best practice.

She has developed a powerful 9-part model that has resulted in 34% growth in 1 year, on average, for dental practices. This model has been tried and tested across different types of private practices with strong results – proof that her methodologies work.

Observing wasted opportunities in dental practices, Yolanda also founded Peak Hygiene Performance to help dentists better utilise their greatest hidden asset – recalls.

Formulating a highly successful framework to further cultivate ongoing patient relationships and give patients a strong reason to return, not only are dentists seeing marked growth, but are making an even greater impact on the health and well-being of their patients.

Ready to Gain a Positively Unfair Advantage in Business and in Life ?

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