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You’ve got the scripts on their way … here’s why you’ll love the videos too

Ever been to a course, heard a great idea that you were sure was a winner, but a week later nothing had happened at the practice?

When you’re introducing something new to your practice, there’s an unseen idea killer working against you.

The fact is, your team learns in different ways which can dramatically impact how quickly and easily they implement something new.

Are you speaking a foreign language to your team?

Put another way, if you don’t deliver this new information to your team using THEIR preferred learning style, you might as well be speaking a foreign language to them.

If you’ve got a team of 3 or more, you’re almost guaranteed to have someone that learns by each of the three recognised learning styles: (i) visual (ii) auditory and (iii) kinesthetic.

Fortunately, if you get hold of these videos to supplement the free scripts that are coming your way, every member of your team will be properly looked after.


  • maximise the return you get from this great material, and
  • minimise the chances that this becomes just another good idea gathering dust.

What you get

Enjoy these three simple, easy-to-implement videos so you and your team can start attracting more new patients than ever before.

Discover simple, practical videos that hold nothing back and show you exactly what to say (and what NOT to say) to get immediate results.  Remember, you get videos on:

  • How to ask for patient referrals
  • How to handle price shoppers
  • How to re-engage inactive patients

Your investment

The reality is, based on the value this product could easily bring to your practice, these videos would be a great investment at $500.

However, I'm really keen to make this great material available to as many practices as possible ... so, I'm going to make you a special offer.

Instead of $500, you pay just $47!

100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

Use the product for up to 90 days and if you don't feel it's delivered value to your practice well beyond it's cost, simply contact me for a 100% refund: no-questions-asked.

Extra Guarantee!

In addition to your money back guarantee, if you don't feel like this product has delivered great value to your practice, I will PAY you out of my own pocket an EXTRA $50 for your time and effort.

Yes, it's hard to believe, but we make this offer because we're really, really confident that you're going to love the product and the value it will bring to your practice.

You can't lose!

With these two guarantees, we've tried to totally reverse the risk so that it's us taking the risk, not you.  What this means is you can't lose!

Think about it, either you get:

  • a great product that adds real value to your practice, OR
  • your money back AND an extra $50.


Yes! I’d like to get 3 videos so my team and I can get the best from these scripts.



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