How To ‘WOW’ Your Clients

This week on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the founder of Dental Profit System will share with you some tips on How to ‘WOW’ your clients.

Now, today we’re talking on the topic of how to “WOW” your client, and this is really an internal marketing focus, I’d say, for the most part. Game on, it is a pitch survival kit and it’s from Google Partners. Now this big box, which is beautifully wrapped.

Now, this is about wowing your clients and that box there turned up from Google Partners. At Dental Profit System, we are Google partners. We do a lot of work particularly in terms of Google AdWords.

So we are Google Partners and that box turned up completely unannounced. Inside, there’s a cap which has got a thinking cap. And basically, what it is, is it’s Google trying to convince us to be more imaginative, more creative but ultimately, to get more clients onto Google AdWords.

The part is, obviously that’s the underlying message, but in terms of a wow factor, having a box turn up like that in the mail, that was really cool. It was like, they definitely wowed me on that one, and got me talking about it. I’ve shown a number of other people, what the goal is. And the question is, how do you, in your dental practice, how do you wow your existing clients? Do you need to send a box to them which has got a thinking cap in it? And the answer’s no, you don’t. But I do have another idea.

So here’s an idea. You would have the birthdays of all of your clients, and what if you were to send them something for their birthday? Now, something really sort of ordinary and slightly boring would be, you know, if you were to send them a card and that’d be cool. But what if you could partner with a local business and get a little voucher made that said, say, for example, free dessert, if it’s at a restaurant. Or maybe a, some kind of relatively low-level entry point, but something that shows your clients that you’re thinking of them.

And the reason I really like the restaurant one is because, let’s face it. If you get a voucher that says free dessert for your birthday, are you gonna go there by yourself? No, you’re not. You’re gonna take your friends. So you might be able to convince the restaurateur that we’re gonna bring you more business.

Let’s say a dessert costs 7 or 8 bucks. Well, it doesn’t cost the restaurateur that, it probably costs them $3 or $4. Hey, Mr. restaurant owner, we’ll make up the vouchers, you take the hit on one dessert. Because we know statistically, if it’s a birthday, people are gonna bring their buddies and by the way, they might have main as well.

But can you see what that feels like from a client perspective? It’s like … And I wouldn’t be making a big pitch, it’d be like, “Hey, Jimmy. Hope you have a great birthday. Please take this voucher to say we’re thinking of you on your special day.”

Anyway, hope that gives you an idea. I guess what I really want to do here is just trigger your thinking. What are some things you can do to really WOW your clients? Like the box I received from Google, where they’re not expecting it, and they get something and it’s kind of special and gives them a great experience.