How To Start 2019 With A Bang Part 3

This week on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you the second part of a series on how to start 2019 with a bang.  Find out more by watching the video now.

Now today we’re continuing our series, How to Start 2019 With A Bang because that’s what all of us want to do isn’t it?

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Now last week I gave you a bit of an overview of how to start 2019 with a bang. Today I’m gonna get into more of the details.

👉 Online Presence

This is absolutely critical for you more now than ever and there are two elements to this.

The first is about showing up. That might sound like stating the obvious but you’d be amazed how many dentists I deal with, who even if the practice turns up and you type in the name of the practice that’s one thing but what about if you type in the suburb name and a dentist, you turn up there.

What if you type in the name of the procedure, Campbell Town Implants, so you’re turning up there. So that’s the first one.

Here’s the second part. I would say most people are okay there. But part of the people struggle is around looking the part because it’s hard enough just to show up. I mean, your competitors are probably showing up too but you need to look the part to look like you’re the go-to dentist of that area.

👉  Google

Show up relates to Google, so there’s a lot of elements there aren’t there? Now our maps, places, search, results, that’s all pretty self evident. The more places that you set up in Google, the better. How mobile friendly, I’m sorry you could be checked up on mobile, you could be turning up on desktop, laptop, whatever the case.

The other part that is absolutely critical, is reviews. I have to tailor the relevant reviews. When I started this business a few years ago, I’d have been saying to my clients, “Oh if you could just get me out a few that’d be great”, and then time moves on.

If you could just get to double figures, they’d be great. Time moves on a little bit further. If you could just get to 20 that’d be great. Now I’m saying, honestly from my part, I’ve been looking for 30, 40, 50, 60 and that number keeps growing.

One thing that’s not well known about this, is that more now than ever, you don’t even need and your potential clients don’t even need to go to your website. Do you notice I haven’t mentioned websites here?

Your potential clients don’t even need to go on your website to figure out who you are, they can look you on the map, the search results, your reviews, not only knowing how many of you are, you know, how many reviews have you got but what’s the content of those reviews?

They can see your opening hours, they can get all of this info, without even going to your website. So this stuff is so important. Show up and then the second part is around look the part and what does that mean?

👉 Branding

That relates to branding. Because in this space, one thing you need to understand more now than ever, perception is reality. So not only do you wanna show up but when people see your details here, they’ll go, “Well these guys are obviously the best dentists in Australia or the best dentists in that area”.

Now if you don’t win that race, then the reality is that your potential clients are gonna call somebody else. You see particularly in a few of our dentistry, they’ve got no other way of telling, they don’t know how good your technical skills are.

But if you’re well branded, the perception is reality, they go, “These guys must be great”. And the areas that you’re trying to do areas to boost authority. So it looks like you’re the number one to go to and ultimately it’s about demonstrating that expertise.

And all of those things that you’re using factors, they can’t objectively measure your dental skills so they have to go for this brand.

So show up and look the part, absolutely critical.

Now if you’re struggling in both of these areas, then may I ask you to get in touch. In the middle of last year I brought a new product to Australia which addresses this specifically. It’s very price affordable and just get in touch and I’ll give you more details.