How To Pay Once For Marketing That Keeps Producing More Clients

Today on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the founder of Dental Profit System will share with you with you one simple marketing strategy that will keep producing more clients by spending just once on marketing.

Well, hello Entredentists! Angus Pryor here, creator of the Dental Profit System, number one Amazon best-selling author bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday, the weekly show designed to boost the marketing at your dental practice.

Now, my topic for today was what is the one piece of marketing that you can spend once and it just keeps on giving? And the fact is that I am staying at the Reef Retreat. Here’s the little package that we got. So when we got our room key at our hotel, there’s some keys in there as you can see. This is the part that I wanted to draw your attention to.

That is a little card, that’s attached to this bunch of keys that we get when we check in, and that card is to The Surf Club Palm Cove. And they have apparently a café or something and if you show this card, you get a 10% discount.

Now I want you to think about this from the point of view of The Surf Club Palm Cove. Let’s say there’s a hundred rooms at the hotel that we’re staying at. They’ve paid for about a hundred of these credit card size things.

I don’t know if they’ve got any kind of reciprocal arrangement with the owners, but this is something they paid for once, and every client like me that comes into the hotel, they get given the keys which they use for however long they’re here and then they see this thing and they get told that they can get a discount by going to this place.

So this a promotion they pay for it once, and honestly, even if it were a hundred rooms that they’ve used it for, I’m guessing these things only cost them a dollar or two. For a couple hundred dollars, they’re getting their business under the nose, in the eyes, of hundreds and hundreds of customers all the time.

And so I got to thinking, “Well, if that’s the case for these guys, what about dentists? What can you do?” This is my thinking. You know, for the most part, dentistry almost never is an impulse buy. But the one area that I think you could do something like this.

If you were to partner with someone who’s providing a cosmetic-type service, what if you could partner with a beauty or maybe hair or whatever and you had something that you produced for them which they could give to their clients and it would say you could either have a deal on whitening.

The one thing. Of all the stuff in dentistry, the cosmetic stuff is the one thing that I think people could potentially go, “Oh, I hadn’t thought about that, but yeah, maybe I’ll do that.” I don’t think anybody’s going to buy a crown if you don’t need one. You might go and see the dentist, but I think the cosmetic stuff is a good angle.

Now, you could either have a deal on here that says, you know, 10% off whitening from XYZ Dental if you present this and that’s okay. What would be better, I think, because I don’t like giving 10% off.

Most people won’t do anything for 10% off, is to have something like one hour whitening for, you know, eight shades whiter. Something where you can say it’s in-chair, it’s instantaneous, they get the result and off they go.

So I guess my question to you is, what’s something you could do where you could partner with a local business? You could spend some money once, and then that thing could just be used over and over and get that return.

Another one I can think of is to do with pharmacy. So in pharmacies, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but if you get scripts, they put them in a little plastic container and you can have branding on the outsides of those containers, or some scripts it’s like a sort of a folder. Similar deal where you could potentially spend the money once and get the return over and over again.

I hope you get the idea. I look forward to catching you next time on Marketing Monday.