How do I respond to almost being a part of the worst massacre in US history – A message to dentists

It’s not every day you find yourself closer than you’d like to the worst massacre in US history, but that’s where I found myself this week. My 3-minute video recorded the day after the event is below.  As part of the video, I have a special message to dentists (it’s towards the end).

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, my name’s Angus and I’m here in Las Vegas outside the Mandalay Bay. You can see it just there, maybe you can see the hole in the end of the building there. This is on the scene of what is reportedly the worst massacre in U.S. history and I’ve got to tell you I was closer to being involved in this than I should’ve been.

I’ve been in a conference all weekend in Las Vegas and I did a Facebook Live last night after the conference and the fact is I walked back into the hotel and said, how do I get to the strip (where the shooting took place)?  So, there’s a bunch of people at the conference I was with that ended up very close to here and as you may be aware, there were more than 50 people killed last night.

I haven’t slept much at all last night and the thing that I’ve been thinking about … I’ve been at a conference all weekend with a bunch of people wanting to make money matter. A group of people who … multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires, these are world changers and the thing I found myself wondering is well, how do I make sense of this and how am I going to respond?  And with a few hours’ sleep, this is what I’ve come up with.

Because the reality is, it could have been me and it could have been you and I think the thing that I’ve come up with is that you’ve got to live a life that matters. Now look, by all means, pray for the families and go and hug your friends and your loved ones and so on, but live a life that matters and for me, this is how I respond.

I’ve decided that I want this, this little hole here where a man shot more than 50 people, I want that to be the trigger for me to do something that really matters that I’m going to look back at the end of my life and say, well out of something terrible, something good comes. So, look, I’ve got a marketing agency and someone watching this has got an idea about how they can make a difference in their local area, about how they can make a big difference even more broadly.

Now look, most of my clients are dentists and maybe you’ve got an idea of how you can do something better in dentistry. Maybe you’ve got an idea of how you can bring dentistry to the people, it doesn’t have to be some philanthropic thing but it’s something that matters, something that you look back at the end of your life.

So, this is what I’m saying, if you’ve got an idea, I’ve got a marketing agency and I’d love to work with you to bring that idea to fruition.  So, send me a message on Facebook or get across to and send me a message because I want to talk to you.

We can look at this hole here and we can say there were 50 people that were killed through there and many more that were injured but what are we going to do?  You get all upset about it and you just get down in the dumps or do you do something about it and for me, that means living a life that matters, so come and be a part of that. If you’ve got an idea, you get in touch. Thanks.