Here’s a really quick way to be Dr.Happy at your dental practice

One Google review with 1 star rating is a disastrous thing for your dental practice. Find out how you can be Dr Happy in this week’s marketing video.


Hi everyone, Angus Pryor from the Dental Profit System, bringing you this week’s Marketing Monday, the weekly show with actionable tips to boost the marketing at your dental practice.

This week, it’s about how to become Dr. Happy. Mr. Happy, Ms. Happy, whatever the case may be. This marvelous t-shirt was given to me by my kids a number of years ago, you can imagine, they thought it was awesome. I admit, I don’t wear it outside of the house too often, but I felt it perfect for this show.

I need to tell you a story about a dentist that I was talking to recently and I can tell you, they were not Dr. Happy as a result of what was going on. Doing a range of things with their marketing, but just not getting the return, they couldn’t understand why.

Well, one of the things we had to look at was their online review profile, and in particular, their Google review profile. And what we found was they had one Google review. Not ideal, you want a lot. I recommend 20+. Guess how many stars that review was? One.

One, one-star review, which is absolutely disastrous for your marketing activities. To give you an idea, research shows that over half of your prospective clients, once they know about you, will go and check you out online in terms of reviews. Which means that if they were, they got to your website, they thought everything was going well, and then they went and checked out the Google reviews, that is a show-stopper for 99% of clients. They’re going to look at that and go, “One one-star review. There’s no one dealing with that business,” so it’s really important that you manage your reviews and there’s some things you can do, certainly encouraging your clients to create reviews.

Otherwise, I’m afraid, you are not gonna be Dr. Happy. And so your action step for this week is very simple. And for that, I brought along another prop because I need to say, “Warning! Warning! Warning!”

Go and check out your reviews. And whatever you do, you’ve gotta boost those. Secondly, there’s another thing you need to know. Google made a change recently. If you were to look at your own business in Google and you see there’s a square box on the side with a photo and some other details, that data mainly comes from your Google-mined business page. What I’ve noticed recently is that as well as the Google reviews, I’ve actually seen a few that have had Facebook reviews, that have had TrueLocal reviews. And it means that that whole review profile is so important.

So, your action steps for this week’s pretty easily. Go and check out your review profile on each of the different places that you might have some reviews and do what you can to boost that.

Now, if you need a hand with that, we’ve just released a report, which you can download for nothing. And it’s Five Guaranteed Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2017 and Beyond. And one of the things we talk about is boosting your review profile, so check that out and that will help you with that.

All right, well that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed that. Hope you enjoy my lovely t-shirt. Otherwise, it’s Angus Pryor, signing off. See you next time on Marketing Monday.