Are you looking for new patients? Well good news, because they’re looking for you too. In fact, 50% of Australians are now using Google to find a local dentist.

At, we guarantee to increase your visibility in Google and boost your website traffic by 15% over the next 90 days, or it’s free.

How can we offer such a powerful traffic-boosting guarantee?

Since 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of dentists gain greater visibility in Google and book more patients using certified, proven SEO techniques that deliver results fast. Find out more here.

"The whole SEO space is pretty confusing and it’s hard to know who to believe.  It’s been really nice dealing with someone who delivers what they say.  And I like the fact that I can leave at any time if I’m not happy."
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Dr Paul Rollason
Absolute Dental Care

“Angus has been a real help to me in setting up my new business. Their online marketing is bringing in a steady flow of new patients.”

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Dr Pushpender Malik

Windsor Gardens Dental, SA

“I think definitely Angus has a great organisation. I think you will get value for money, and I encourage you to just get in contact with Angus and talk to him about what can be offered.”

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Dr Claire Wilson

Alphington Dental Care, VIC

"I've used Angus' services for about a year and I've seen large growth in my business. Angus knows what he's talking about."

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Dr Daniel Kim

Taree Dental Care, NSW

However, we cannot guarantee you more traffic from Google until we’ve assessed your current situation

Enter your details below so we can start the assessment. If you qualify, we guarantee to achieve a 15% increase in your online traffic in your first 90 days with us, or it’s free.

No contracts, ever.
Unlike other SEO firms, we don’t force you into crippling contracts and deliberately drag out the process. You’ll only stick with us if you’re happy with our results. And we’ll get you results faster because we want our clients to succeed and be happy!
SEO doesn’t have to take forever.

Many firms will tell you that SEO has to take 6-12 months, or even years before you start seeing visitors and new patients coming through. But you don’t have to wait that long.

We’ll get you results in just 90 days and if we don’t get you a 15% boost in traffic, you get a 100% refund - no questions asked.

Get found for search terms that matter.
If you’re #1 for a search term that doesn’t translate into new patients, then what’s the point? At we focus on getting your dental practice found in Google for search terms that translate into bookings. We know these terms, because we have the data to prove it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a 15% boost in my Google presence mean in terms of new patients?

You get a 15% boost in your Google presence, guaranteed.  Let's have a look at some simple maths (with conservative assumptions) to guide you to what to expect:

  • The average number of views for the website and Google Business listing for Australian dental practices is around 1000 per month.  On this basis, a 15% boost in 90 days would generate an extra 150 views per month.
  • If we assume that around 10% of these extra 150 viewers will call the practice, this would be an extra 15 calls per month.  If 2/3rds of those 15 calls are converted into new patient appointments, this would generate an extra 10 patients per month.
  • Our experience is that the average spend per patient per year is around $500 at most Australian dental practices.  This means these extra 10 patients per month would spend $5000 with you in the next 12 months.  And the year after that, and after that . . .

Repeat this process every month and these extra views really start to add up.

This sounds to be good to be true, is a 15% Google boost in 90 days actually possible?

  • It’s not just possible, it’s actually guaranteed (once we’ve assessed you as being eligible).
  • We know getting a 15% boost in 90 days is fast – in fact, it’s Australia’s FASTEST Google boost for dentists.
  • We offer this 90-day risk-free trial to give you a nice Google boost. However, we also want to use these 90 days to prove to you that we deliver results, so we can establish a successful, long term relationship with you.
  • The many testimonials on our website, plus our status as the no.1 Google ranked dental marketing firm in Australia, should give you the confidence to test us out by taking up this offer.
  • Your worst outcome is you’ll do the trial and pay nothing because we don’t achieve the 15% boost. Your best outcome is you’ll get the boost, and you’ll enjoy the extra traffic and inevitable calls from potential patients. Seriously, what have you got to lose?

What to do next...

Since 2014, we’ve helped hundreds of dentists gain greater visibility in Google and book more patients using certified, proven SEO techniques that deliver results fast.

1. Fill out your website URL details below so we can check your eligibility
2. Provide your name, mobile and email so we can call you with the results

Spaces are strictly limited due to both demand and eligibility. To avoid disappointment, apply now for a free assessment and to secure your spot.

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