Discover The 3 Characteristics Of Successful Dentists

This week on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you the 3 characteristics of successful dentists.

There are some common characteristics. When we think about these common characteristics we find that there are some common thread. That there are certain clients, if they’ve got these characteristics, they’re a much better chance of getting a good outcome than those who maybe don’t. So what’s the first one?

Three characteristics of successful dentists, the first I’d have to say, overwhelmingly, is mindset. And in terms of mindset, there are a couple of things that we notice.

Look, there are some people in business that are like a life raft clinger. If you’re clinging onto a life raft and if you’re in a desperate situation, that’s probably not a good indication of longer-term success.

It’s not that we don’t need to hustle at certain times but the fact is, we find the dentists who get the best results, their mindset is around longer term. And the second part is that they’re prepared to invest. So I’ll say, longer term, investing. Alright, what’s the second one?

The second one relates to taking action. Now, that one’s not going to be a big surprise but I just wanted to tell you how that works for us. One of the things I work with dentists individually, a lot of the stuff we do is not one-on-one, but I do some stuff.

I must admit, my capacity to do that is a little bit restricted. In fact, it’s very restricted these days. And every month we’ll meet together, we’ll go through some stuff. There’s a to-do list for me, there’s a to-do list for the dentist.

And the successful dentists, when I come back in a month’s time and I go, “How did you go with your list?” These are the ones that have got stuff done. Whereas, there are others that go “Oh, too busy. Etcetera, etcetera.” I know life is busy.

In my business, we struggle with this all the time, that tension between working in the business and working on the business. But we find a successful dentist, they take action. They make stuff happen.

The third point relates to persistence. I think this might be it. Persistence. Yeah. And it is that longer term view, just persisting. One of the things about marketing, I take the view that marketing is part science and part art. Well, it’s kinda highly subjective, isn’t it?

But it’s that perseverance and persistence to just keep going, finding out what works. And as it is for marketing, so it is for the whole of your business.

So, anyway. How do you go against this? What are you like it in terms of your mindset? Are you investing for the longer term? Are you an action taker or are you someone who thinks, oh…”if only”. And are you persevering? Are you persisting?

Alright, well, I hope that’s helpful for you. This is what we’ve found, with the dentists we work with, that get the most success. And it’s no coincidence that they get a high level of success in terms of the marketing they do with us, and also, in their own businesses generally.