3 Reasons You Absolutely Must Start Using Video at Your Practice

Today on Marketing Monday, Angus Pryor the Practice Growth Specialist will share with you 3 reasons you absolutely must start using video at your practice .


The reality is that people do business with businesses they know, like, and trust. For most of you, the trust part. If you’ve got a semi-decent website, the trust part will look after itself. But the know and like part is much harder to do just by a website, a static image. If you see some other advertising you can build on this, but in terms of know and like, that’s extremely difficult to achieve other than by video. Video is about as good as it gets.


One of the risks that you face with being a practice, or in any type of business particularly in dentistry, is if it is something that is complex that people don’t understand. Then how are they going to compare your business with some other business. Because if it’s complex, and they don’t understand, what else can they do? And the obvious answer, usually is actually price.

One of the great things about video is you can boost your authority. Where people will start to say, “Well, I’m prepared to pay more to come to your practice because of this perceived authority, than I am to go to somebody else’s practice.” In other words, “I’m going to X, Y, Z Dental because they really know what they’re talking about.”

This authority is a similar concept to it. Why you would pay around double the money in the supermarket for a Coke branded product than just a generic cola. You know, they’re 99% the same product, but their authority helps Coke charge more.


As you’re building your know, like, and trust, one thing that can be really helpful is to repurpose that content. As a case in point, this video that I’m making now. When I’m done, my team is going to produce a transcription of this. It then becomes a blog,  goes on to Facebook, LinkedIn and our website. So video content can be repurposed in multiple ways, which helps create more of a presence online.

The other thing that I’ve put there is advantage. I want you to think about something. If you are doing video, you’re getting more advantage from Google, Facebook and the list continues. Basically you’re getting a leg up in the searchengines simply by producing video.

“Okay Angus, so you’re telling us that I must do this. But the fact is, the thought of getting on video frightens the life out of me. Why would I do that?”

Well we’ve got the why here, but I’ve got to say, you’ve just gotta get out of your own way. You know the first time I went live on video, which is probably two years ago now, my heart was pumping. But I just knew I needed to do that. I knew that it was worth the effort to go through the discomfort.

And the truth is, before I came on camera, I’ve just been watching a bunch of clients from our live event. We had a live event a few weeks ago, and looking at the videos made by the dentists. I got them to do testimonials for the event. And was everyone looking a little bit uncomfortable? Sure. But the reality is, they did it. And just getting out of your comfort zone, and getting more comfortable with the things that are going to build your business, particularly all that benefit, is definitely worth doing.